Sunday, April 11, 2021

We Laugh A Lot (among other things)

Sorrow will have its say
Time will have its way
Thank God for each serving from
Laughter's silver tray...

Something about mourning keens our senses 
to the immense wealth of simple things...

We open our hearts and arms to embrace
the moment, for Time guarantees nothing but its end!

This week had lots of messy moments,
but something about loss puts fresh perspective on
life's messes...especially if they're as easy to clean up as
chocolate-y faces or spilled tea, 

We laugh a lot
Though some prayers,
Still unanswered, stand in the room
Like an elephant
While we come to terms
Each in our own way, with
What we can control
And what we can’t

We work at Becoming
For He who has begun
Not finished yet
Sometimes we need
Undesired reminders
From Divine Authority
Lest we forget

Some laws, though
Initially inspired and
Intended to
Care and Respect
Are wrong, and sadly
In the end they
Damage (or kill) the very people
They sought to protect

Each step we take
Diminishes the
Distance between
What is seen and What Is Not
Taking God at His Word
Is the only chance
At lasting happiness
That anybody has got

We laugh between hurt-spurts 
That hone awareness of
Skin and bone heart-carts
Trundling, full of need 
We should not be slack
Concerning the promises
That we should give
Our uttermost heed

© Janet Martin

(puppy's repentance after being scolded
for giving Little Girl too many 'sloppy kisses'!)

Because neighbor's puppy is still a 'kid'
he happily disregards his owner's calls to 'come here!'
(with our assurance that it's okay)😊

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, 
and comes down from the Father of lights, 
with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.

James 1:17

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