Friday, April 23, 2021

Appointment With Laughter

 PAD Challenge 23: For today's prompt, write an appointment poem.

No matter how hard 
life is
Here's hoping 
now and then
it grants 
the goodness
of laughter


No matter how hard 
life is,
Here's to puppies 
and children...
because both have 
the beautiful, innocent 
of bringing the blessing 
of laughter


We have the neighbour's permission to 'enjoy' their pup
so Victoria loves playing with him till he's tired out...

These stomping grounds of dreams and dread
Confounds the bounds of heart and head
Where tug and hug wage wonder’s war
Midst beauty’s boast and duty’s chore

…where good intent is not enough
To reinvent the bent of love
Or the cement of moment-gold
As it pours into Bygone’s mold

These haves-and-holds of here-and-now
Of flying high and pushing plow
Is either ink of drudgery
Or patina of poetry

These stomping grounds of sound and sight
Abound with downer and delight
Yet, this grab-bag of groan and smile
Makes nabbing life’s coattail worthwhile

For appointments with hurt and hope
And dirt dappled with ‘nope-nope-nope’
Surprise us with sweet happiness
Because of laughter's ‘yes-yes-yes’

© Janet Martin

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