Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Wisdom's Magnum Opus


'We should not ask whether 'The Thing' on its own is Good or Bad,
 Dad would caution us when teaching discernment,
 'because a Thing/action is always hinged to where it leads. 
After the ripple effect is studied you will have your answer
about whether a Thing is good or bad.'

Have I always heeded Wisdom's Magnum Opus?
Sadly, no. Sometimes I allow the sparkle of the splash to blind me!

Ripple-effects of recompense
Should cause us to be ‘ware
And consider the consequence
Action is bound to bear

Discernment delves deeper than mere
-ly breadth of pebble-throw
It contemplates the scope and sphere
Of how far ripples flow

Love looks beyond the present-tense
And sparkle of the splash
To where ripples of recompense
Are surely bound to wash

The path to Aftermath is scarred
By vain apology
Because of ripples that we barred
From our periphery

© Janet Martin

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