Sunday, April 18, 2021

Garden Stroll

For today's prompt, write an ekphrastic poem.
An ekphrastic poem is one in which the poet writes a poem based on another work of art, 
whether that's a painting, photograph, sculpture, mixed media, or other piece of art.

This painting, almost 30 years old was at the time, a splurge!
I purchased it Brand New! (likely from Zellers) 
In 'young mom/homeowner' days that was quite an
extravagance, but I'm so glad I did. I still love it.
 (it was not expensive, by any means but still, an extra)
I feel so much more than meets the eye when I look at it!
(I took the liberties of adding a few extras to the poem,
perhaps the pond and arbor are just beyond the scope of the lens??)😉

It is so much more than flowers
More than birdsong that beguiles
She and Child to garden-bowers
It is Time and Touch and Smiles

She looks down at her sweet daughter
Who does not yet see beyond,
Picket fence, wisteria arbour
Ducklings paddling in the pond

She is not attuned to hours
Or the mementos they spill
Happiness is picking flowers
In a place where time stands still

The world fits inside her pocket
She fits into mother’s smile
They fit into a heart-locket
Forever Mother and Child

© Janet Martin


  1. oh I love seeing the painting that inspired your poem - I love every word of this a place where time stands still and right up to the last lines - so precious!

    1. thank-you for your comment here and at poetics aside! I loved reading today's poems. Art and pictures definitely inspire!


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