Saturday, January 20, 2018

Worth Striving For...

I've had much reason recently to re-evaluate what/who 'fires my engine'. 
How about you? 
What gets your motor running in the morning (besides coffee;-)?

Worth striving for...

...for eyes to see the majesty of The Weaver; He threads
The loom that ushers bloom where bud to dark, stark limb is wed
In cloven fold pink, mauve, green, gold, indigo, crimson pause
And trust the timing of the Touch that ordained nature’s laws

For tender heart; the art that scarred its canvas first is cursed
With envy, spite and greed; sin’s seed the blight that births man’s worst
Enemy, Self; the pelf it pilfers to stuff dust-framed hull
Would hush bold boast in utter shame if God exposed the full

For hands that help and hold, and fold in humble, earnest prayer
Marked with wrinkles diamonds chiseled from mines of faithful toil and care
Not wrung with worthless worry or laid lazy in fat laps
But busy with life’s beauty as love comforts, cheers and claps

For mouth that knows when to stay closed; to master the flesh-bit
That drips with idle tsk-tsk if we fail to bridle it
But rather to gather thought first then let speech gently spawn
An arm around the downcast soul, a shoulder to lean on

For feet that travel second miles without a backward glance
To look for reimbursement, nay, but steps that leap and dance
So when the end of Time extends a welcome mat of rest
These well-worn shoeless feet will know they gave life’s run their best

For ears to hear more than the noise that stirs impulse; my God
Pity the one who does not know Thy Voice that tunes the sod
For Hope, not wish and want to taunt faith’s formless Certainty
For more, much more of Thee, my God, and less, much less of me

© Janet Martin

Though the mountains be shaken
    and the hills be removed,
yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken
    nor my covenant of peace be removed,”
    says the Lord, who has compassion on you.
Isa. 54:10


  1. Marked with (wrinkles) diamonds. You made me laugh out loud with that! What a beautiful poem; such wisdom. I need to read this over (and over). Bless you for your encouraging word, Janet.

    1. :) thank-you, and you're welcome! sending you a cyber hug til I can knock on the door with a pot of soup or something in hand:)SO glad it brought a smile to mix with your tears...


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