Wednesday, January 10, 2018


 Came home much later than I thought I would from a funeral visitation for a friend's father,
Supper dishes are heaped in the sink 'cause Matt and Victoria attend a youth-group
Bible Study on Wed. nights...
but with some keen reminders recently of the ephemeral-ness of life/health
this sink full of dirty dishes is a thing of beauty when
one has the health and strength to do something about it!

When we start to count our blessings
Rather than all that we lack
Soon it leaves the mouth confessing
We get more than we give back

When we start to chart the favors
Showered on us day and night
Soon it fills the heart with flavors
Too manifold to recite

When we stop the pity party
And the doleful woe-is-me
We begin to feel a hearty
Thank-the-Lord humility

When we take a tender tally
Of daily blessings renewed
Pray, whether hilltop or valley
For a song of gratitude

© Janet Martin

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