Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Mighty Mite...

 *Something happened yesterday that reminded me to never-mind-the-mess-moments,
even when it looks like a toy-book-popcorn blizzard hit the house😏
(these pics taken after the popcorn was cleaned up:)

*...for all the slips, stumbles, scoldings, patience loss
the little lad could have mentioned, he told the bus-driver this!
(I picked up 2 older siblings of one of the little girls in my childcare yesterday after school)
Big Sister told me why she was laughing when they got off the bus

Bus driver: Do you have someone new picking you up today?
Little Brother: yup! Her name is Janet and she believes in God!"
and then, Big Sister continued, 'the bus-driver said, me too!'
That 'me too'  instantly changed how they regarded Bus Driver!

Our lives are shaped by moments...
masterpieces are made with brushstrokes and breath-notes!
Let's be mindful artists/composers!
There's a lot at the mercy of moments...

Much, much more than just mere moments
Melting ‘neath sun’s heat, like snow
Meting out in breath-sized morsels
Much more than we’ll ever know

More than muted mist of morning
Kissed with whispers, bronze, gray, pink
More than birth to death, my darling
Falls the thrall of moment-ink

Far beyond triumphant touchdowns
Or the frowns which test our grit
From a moment long-forgotten
Someone hearkens back to it

Then, a moment seems quite sacred
What a weighted mighty mite
As its melds to printed pages
And ages long slipped from sight

Until someone tries the footing
Tastes the pudding, stirs the dust
Stumbling-blocks and stepping-stones, love
Poured into a moment’s Must

What a chariot, this war-room
Battle-plans subject to how
Choices fill the mite of moments
With the height of here and now

© Janet Martin

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