Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Premeditated Praise

 A rare not pre-planned day so I went on a few-hour trek...
The good part of living where all the neighbors are friend/family
is the free reign to any 'back-forty' one wishes to wander;-)
...and ponder the somber shades of life as well as the glory-glints!
The Creator tints every single slope... with Hope. 
Hallelujah, even when the scene is blurred with tears stars!

Oh, isn’t He just Someone to behold
He washes out the dark with seas of gold
The leafless tree is decked in diamond dust
And yet…somehow we are averse to trust

Oh, isn’t He just Someone to adore
His majesty no mortal can ignore
He gathers up the ashes of spent fire
And scatters it ‘neath dashes of desire

Where footloose, fancy-free soon snares its feet
On vines bent with Time’s treasure, bittersweet
For oft the rush of who-what-when-why-how
Makes us forget His gift of here and now

Oh, isn’t He just Someone to applaud
No one and nothing can compare to God
For who of us the art of earth begets
Or boasts because the sun rises and sets

Oh isn’t He just Someone to entrust
With life’s soul-suffused follicle of dust?
Where in and out of season His design
Births bud that bears the fruit that bends the vine

© Janet Martin

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