Saturday, January 27, 2018

Age-old Wonder

Love; a lot more than a verb
Robs pride of composure
Fully told, it has no words!
Breath-by-breath disclosure

This poem was inspired by a young mom, who on her son's first birthday wrote,
'we love you more every minute'
Oh, isn't this the glorious thing about love?!
I'm an older mom learning...
there is still always something new to discover about love!

Everyone has their own favourite love are a few of mine:)

Love is never at a standstill
Like a sea its breakers roll
Obscure ocean of emotion
Roars through harbours of the soul

Love is not for bored bystanders
Searching for serenity
Storm of fulfillment and hunger’s
Startling synchronicity

Never quite enough to utter
‘I have all the love I need’
From a fount of mystic measure
Holy hope and heartache bleed

We should be kind to each other
Partakers of common thirst
For we are all sister, brother
Through the One who loved us first

Love, such wonder to discover
Old as Time, yet good as new
Always surprising newcomers
With its wink-blush-kissy-coo

Ah, the longer that I love you
I find fresh depths to explore
For the longer that I love you
Love, I love you more and more

© Janet Martin

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