Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Hark, Hark, What Haunting Melody

Hark, hark, what haunting melody
Intrigues the poet where stark limb
Is primed with solemn poetry
And captures heart-throbs with its hymn

 Winter’s earth wears a snow white shroud
Yet shameless, showcases bare trees
Where suddenly silence roils loud
Like crashing surge of far-off seas

Intent we are on bent of dreams
Sometimes it seems that we forget
How verily the hour streams
With time’s moment-ous pirouette

…it authors haunting melodies
Which induce an unbridled urge
To wander beneath winter's trees
And listen to sweet summer’s dirge

© Janet Martin

...on that note I think I will bundle up and wander/ski beneath naked trees to listen to
sweet summer's dirge...
 because "nature gives to every season a beauty all its own" 
Charles Dickens

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