Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Un-common Wealth on Common Ground

 We all growl like bears;
    we moan mournfully like doves.
Isa. 59:11

Who can one’s worth or wisdom prove?
Or life’s full fortune count
The giver and the taker, love

Allowances of day to day
Provide a common wealth
God first gives what He takes away

…but owes his very breath to He
Whose grant we supplicate
And offer up Want’s frantic plea

…as Mercy drips like a fresh peach
From chins of much demand
Where both giver and taker reach

For what we give He gives us first
God holds the spoon we lick
Where we would all be misers, cursed

But for kind pricks and kicks to wake
Us to the mouth we feed
Ah, both giver and taker break

...and therefore have one common boast
No pompous look-at-me
For giver-taker’s least and most

The Hand that cups the sands of time
And all its peopled noise
Gives giver and taker the clime

© Janet Martin

Thinking of all you Iowa-ans digging out of a blizzard...
(how do I know? Hubby is headed that way with a load of pigs needing unloading today
but he was told last night they have three days of digging out to do!!)

sidenote: Jim just called (afternoon) Pigs delivered.
...and he said, the pigs look better than he does! lol!

Our precip came in rain and rain and MORE rain!!!

There's something about a rainy day that finds its way to a poet's pen
a musician's melody,
and a day-dreamer's dancing-feet,
so it seems...

Singin' in the Rain Gene Kelly 

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