Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Before Impulse Reacts...

Don't you just hate it when you're misunderstood and the 'grapevine' bears strange fruit:)!
If it's too complicated to unravel and the only wounded party is Pride 
all we can do is forgive, love and learn, right ?

Yes, instead of venting let's just 'sh-h-h!'

Do not give ought to thought unkind
That never sires good
First impulse is often truth blind
To deed misunderstood

Better then, to not inflict pain
By casting spite’s harsh stone
Our hearts, so deceitful and vain
Are make-a-mistake prone

Then, when we are tempted to speak
Without the facts on deck
Pray that we turn the other cheek
And hold our tongues in check

For in life’s race we all need grace
This human brotherhood
Inclined to err must sometimes face
Being misunderstood

Are any of us oh, so grand
That we do all we should?
Kinder to lend a gentle hand
To deeds misunderstood

Better then to communicate
And not decide the facts
But rather try to mediate
Before impulse reacts

© Janet Martin

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