Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Gentle Tether...

'Before the shell of Self was cracked'

Before we bore the helotry
That bound us to the roar of clocks
When we were cared for and carefree
But didn’t give it second thoughts
Because the creek was full of fish
And we were full of dream and wish
Immune to Time’s unbiased truth
Because we wore the green of youth
Before the shell of Self was cracked
By the anointing of regret
And all those things we thought we lacked
Were long forgot through battles met
Before we became humbler through
A full face-plant stumble or two
As what we secretly adored
Unveiled a slick, double-edged sword

Before we realized the Prize
Of happiness we hoped to find
Is nothing but wide open eyes
Of thankfulness, simple and kind
Because too soon we lingered where
A tireless Tutor stole our chair
And drew us to the teeming street
To earn a little bread and meat

….and suddenly we sympathize
With middle-aged, plebeian ranks
Where work-worn hands and weary eyes
Meet morn with wiser, meeker thanks
Because a yoke of yester-years
Of spoken words, of smiles and tears
Have gently tethered weathered hearts
To love and its unfinished parts

© Janet Martin

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