Monday, January 8, 2018

Heart-a-Tug, Kiss-Kiss-Hug...

With each grunt and squirm and kick
Baby grows up far too quick
With each kiss-nap-smile and tear
Baby’s closer to a year

With each bubble-bath and song
Baby’s growing big and strong
With each cuddle, hush-a-bye
Baby’s learning how to fly

Feed-burp-change and tweak of chin
With each dimpled cherub-grin
Pat-a-cake and peek-a-boo
Nighty-night and I love you

…with each slow-sweet snuggle-hug
Reach-crawl-bump, we feel the tug
With each skip-a-heartbeat, oh
Mother’s learning to let go

© Janet Martin

Photo Credits for the blackboard shots; Emily Curry
Photo credit for this last pic: Brittany Ruppert
Outfit credit for last photo: "Mimi'  Curry


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