Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January Exits...(believe it or not)

Can you believe it?!
January 2018 in a few Jack-Frost-feather-weight hours is gonzo, done, natta, nix!

From the grip of old Man Winter
One allotted era slips
January's Jack Frost feathers
Free-fall from his fumbling fist

Eiderdown and raging tempest
Waft and wail o’er frozen fell
January, like a house-guest
Tips his hat and bids farewell

One month less now bars the gateway
Leading to spring’s flower-show
January, bows and makes way
For successors psyched with snow

But like we, their days are numbered
Old Man Winter feels his age
January, unencumbered
Tap dances from center-stage

Ordered by a Higher Maestro
He exits without protest
January, Mr. Ice-Snow
Expects no encore request

He has fulfilled his cold calling
Some applaud him, others seethe
January, love or hate him
Leaves behind ch-ch-ch-attering teeth

© Janet Martin

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