Saturday, January 20, 2018

Don't You Dare Be Far Too Happy

 This is today's weather ...above freezing!
Then I checked the forecast and it seemed to exult in warning "don't you dare be far too happy!"

Don’t you dare be far too happy
Sullen naysayer sighs
And holds up doom-and-gloom’s forecast
Beneath sun-smiling skies

Don’t you be too light of heart, love
The darksome cynic warns
And misses the song of the lark
Because he fears the storms

Don’t you dare be far too jolly
The glow’ring grumblers sob
In second cups of woe-is-me
While sunbeams dance and bob

Don’t you be too sure of summer
Broods the blue pessimist
While big sky is full of laughter
And earth is golden heaven-kissed

© Janet Martin

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