Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Good Song

Matt suggested I give this guy's music a listen because he thought I would like it...I do!

I hope you do too...I got choked up when,
after I sent a few songs to Dave and Karen they messaged back...listen to The Toolbox.
Especially meaningful after the year my carpenter brother Dave had.
Last week the surgeon told him surgery on his shoulder would be pointless...the tears are too large.
They are hopeful given time, that it may get stronger. At this point he uses the 'better' arm to lift the 'worse' one. Karen's INR's continue to be monitored.I know they appreciate continued prayers.

Music can lower the foothills of heaven
It can wake whispers sealed deep in our skin
Like a good love it makes life worth the livin’
Touches a sweet soul-chord somewhere within

A good song can move us across common dance-floors
Gather us into hope's wide open arms
Then, as it holds us, no matter the life-wars
One can get lost in Tchaikovsky or Brahms

It can move mountains (if but for a moment)
Rush in a river of cadence and rhythm
Breath-stealing beauty of an old sacred hymn

Sometimes we laugh, full of joy-crazy hunger
Sometimes we listen just so we can cry
I’ll take a good song over purchased plunder
It rouses wonder that money can’t buy

Let's take a load off; night, blow out your candles
Come, let's lay back on a pillow of awe
Close our eyes, paradise trembles in Handel’s
Chorus of Messiah's Hallelujah

© Janet Martin

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