Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Winter Dessert-Buffet

Somewhere in the sky-kitchen the sugar spilled!
 As much as I love a sere canvas called Sheer Sunday

I love the white fluff winter is known for;-) like Monday
 (the below photos from the archives because I was sick a-bed Monday 
and totally astonished at the transformation that took place meanwhile...)

There is just something that 'feels right' when winter is white!

Earth is a tea-tray of white, sparkling truffles
Who in the world could dream up such delight
Scattered at random on linen-clothed tables
Drawing the eye to each sumptuous bite

Earth is a strudel dipped in fine white sugar
Teasing the taste-buds of sight with its sheen
Making us leap for joy, just because winter
Covers the world in furls fit for a queen

Earth is a white-dusted cruller , a cream-puff
Earth is a Portuguese Pillow, oh my
Hold out your tongue, catch a crumb of its white stuff
Then let it melt in a want-for-naught sigh

Earth is a dollop of whip cream on pudding
It is a marshmallow-garnished melee
Come, grab a no-guilt thirds-please slice of Something
Don't just strut by with a gruff 'no-siree'

Earth is a sweet treat with white frosted drizzle
Some stiff-necked diners cringe and shudder ‘nay
Some of us linger for just one more nibble
Knowing what warm winds do to its buffet

© Janet Martin


  1. Oh my what a delectable treat. :) Love the last line.

    1. thank-you:) crazy what one random thought will spark, like, 'I wonder when the dark lifts if earth will look like it's dotted with white truffles':)


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