Saturday, January 13, 2018

Don't Trip On The Roses...

Sometimes on a week like this it would be easy to trip over the 'roses'.
My brother-in-law Les was in hospital one night. He has a terrible flu or something. They sent him home for the weekend, hoping his double vision will clear.
Hubby Jim ( after a few tests) was told he has a tumor in his bladder. 
He is booked for surgery on Feb. 16.
Sister-in-law Karen (my brother Dave's wife) was rushed to London Hospital from the small local hospital after her blood-test results alarmed the Doctors...
Last night my nephew Anthony (Mike and Marlene's son) broke his collar-bone

Don’t take it for granted
Each day is enchanted
With mercies kind-planted
Where trials intrude
Day breaks bronze and yellow
Grace drips from yon cello
Equipping time’s hello
With man’s hope renewed

Don’t trip on the ‘roses
Though thorn-tree imposes
The Father who chose us
Abides, age to age
His ways are higher
Than Thought’s haze and mire
Oh, don’t miss the choir
Because of the stage

Ah, someday in heaven
For those saved, forgiven
All hurt will be driven
From its Endless Day
No tear-shaped surprises
No trouble that tries us
No why-Lord disguises
As earth falls away

© Janet Martin


  1. Oh Janet. I am so sorry about all the challenges your family is facing. Our year got off to a rough start, but sounds like you have double our troubles my friend. Thank you for the tender reminder to not 'trip' over the roses. Much love and prayers, especially for Jim's upcoming surgery. Always Hope...


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