Thursday, January 11, 2018

To Today's Legacy-authors

 This is the life-summary of Clarence; a faithful husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather
whose funeral visitation I attended last evening...

Such a testimony causes us to re-evaluate our own Time-expenditure, does it not?

What, when we have writ our story
Will the sum of our days be?
When death gathers up life’s glory
Was it lived for God or ‘me’?

Inhale, exhale, mercy thunders
Granting choice another chance
Morning, heaped with untried wonders
Offers kind deliverance

A new day hinged to spent ages
A new day to make amends
A new day to write on pages
That our final exhale ends

What, when grace ceases its glory
Will the sum of these days be?
When death gathers up life’s story
Was it writ for God or ‘me’?

© Janet Martin

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