Monday, January 8, 2018

Baby Grows...

A year ago my niece took Brantley's newborn baby pics...
Last week she took his first birthday photos!
Our baby is quickly becoming Little Boy

While mouths drip with lithe laughter and with riotous lament
While hearts grip love so tender, siring joy and discontent
While we prep then clean up; we fall apart and then regroup
While we devour hours like hearty potato soup
Baby grows

While we hope, hold and worry, wish and want, heart over-run
So happy-sad with what we have then had when it is gone
While we weather the weather whatever its will may be
And gape at moments untethered and shaping history
Baby grows

While we sometimes forget to treasure the measure of Now
While we work, play, hurt, pray, push-pull an intangible plow
While we are startled by the way a heart can break and climb
While we choose pinks and blues, pay dues to faithful Father Time
Baby grows

While we hug, cuddle, kiss, snuggle and weep with utter joy
That we should be so blessed by Darling Little Girl or Boy
While we think we have miles to go before they fly away
And Mr. Should convinces us Time grants many a day
Baby is grown

© Janet Martin

Someday when Brantley wants seconds and thirds of cake we'll remind him of this...
Brantley was afraid of his birthday cake!
A week or so before his birthday he attended a friend's birthday party and wanted no part of  blue and green icing! But we didn't realize how much he hated it until he saw his cake...
We sang Happy Birthday...while he began looking a little concerned...
then we served him a piece and dabbed  frosting on his mouth...
he pulled away as if we had placed a monster in front of him
and burst into tears!
'maybe he can't taste it' we say,  so we try a little more icing...
He gags;-)) SO funny.
Of course we didn't insist he eats cake:)

One more Brantley's First Year post here

Below; my favorite song by The Oakridge Boys...
my favorite line in it is; 'the nearest thing to heaven is a child".


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