Wednesday, January 17, 2018


 I have no idea why but listening to this...

 inspired this...

If moments had sound
would they splash the ground like rain
or dash like pelting sleet
Would they run in rivulets
down the lane
to pool in poems at our feet
Or would they land
like sugared sand
on outstretched hands and tongues
Where we would twirl
And twirl
like yester’s girl,
forever and ever 

If moments made noise
would they be
like a blushing school boy’s 
Or would they dance
In footloose romance
like Bach’s 
violin concertos
Or maybe they would surge,
in salt-spray splurge
of rhinestones 
...a gold and silver shiver
tossed against a
backdrop of twilight’s
and turquoise river

If we could hear a moment
would it fox-trot
or tango
… or pop like a 
rainbowed soap bubble
Would it melt
 like a flake of snow
or, fade like the afterglow
of trouble
if we heard a moment
ah,  would it
 tiptoe out of bed
all sleepy-headed 
looking for
a bit
of buttered bread…

© Janet Martin

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