Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Savoring The Ordinary!

Being sick always makes me crave regular or not-so-regular day-to-day Duties Beauties

...like manure-scooping(yup!) on Saturday afternoon
after hubby came back from a particularly draining trip
 and even though he worked circles around me (there's a knack to forking!:)
he said the company was as much appreciated as the 'help'☺

That was Saturday before Sunday-evening flu hit!

Lying in bed listening to life at a distance
rouses a craving for the delicious flavor of 'simple' or 'normal'

Give me a mat full of shoes to trip over
Grant me the honor to take out the trash
Laundry is life’s five-star favor of labor
Give me a floor to scrub, dishes to wash

I love the crest of new day all a-quiver
With raindrop rivers or snow-sequined fists
After a bubble of trouble I savor
The heaven-flavor of plain to-do lists

Show me the long way home; I’m in no hurry
Find me a field full of furrowed furlough
Let me look longer at trees once a-flurry
Still full of glory yet stripped of leaf-show

Music is more than the striking of harp-strings
You should hear heart-strings, after laughter’s pause
My, but a moment takes on sacred meaning
After whatever yesterday’s woe was

Give me a bowl full of dinner-in-waiting
Morning so crisp you could bite it in two
Give me the goodness of mercy creating
Humble thanksgiving… after the flu

© Janet Martin

 "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning."-Psalm 30:5

My thoughts and prayers are with those still waiting for 'the morning' of joy.
I have a cousin (Wayne Martin) who suffers greatly because of MS 
He is a  husband and father...will you pray for him/them?
For hope/healing however God wills...

I just received a prayer request this evening for a young mom moved to hospice tonight!
 Will you pray too that God would be real to them in their hour of great need?

their 'joy in the morning' feels far away.

...and we all have our own list of names we could add!
Let's never take for granted, present-joy!

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