Friday, January 26, 2018

Warning...Heart-storm Ahead

 A few of my "I love you' whisperers and best-hug givers. They are worth every weary bone/head!

In every shape and size they catch our hearts and eyes with grins
Our staunchest plans capsized by cutie-pies with dimpled chins
Red-head, brunette, blonde, curly, wave or sleek and jet-black-smooth
They proudly flaunt their trophies of fresh scratch or wiggly tooth

Their arms, thin-gangly, chubby-soft, so warm and full of hugs
This world boasts nothing nicer than its darling snuggle-bugs
The music of their laughter is life’s sweetest song by far
They teach us how to reach, dare-dream, to catch a falling star

How lonely life and love would be without small hands to clutch
How clean and quiet all its rooms; no teddy-bears and such
And who would tug our old heart-strings and change our points of view
If all we had to look at or discuss was me and you

They turn heart-corners inside out and melt stiff-starched routine
They pitter-patter ‘cross a floor where once silence had been
Innocence in its purest form; heart-storms are made of this
A tear to gently shush away and rose-pink cheeks to kiss

Some dream of far-off lands or silver sands that stretch for miles
Give me a child upon my knee, the sunshine of their smiles
For I have yet to find anything as fine and perfect, oh
As childish whispers on my face that say ‘I love you so’

© Janet Martin

Laughter really is the best medicine…here are a few doses I enjoyed today

To me as I was ‘fretting’ over a craft we were assembling;
Don’t worry, she reassured me, at our house we only worry about things that matter…

Little boy frustrated with two little girls dancing about; okay you guys, that’s NOT very cow-ish, now start acting like cows!!(they were supposed to be pretending they were cows;-)

Little boy to me washing dishes; Janet, where’s your dish washer? I point to myself and say ‘here’. He pauses for a moment then throws his head back, filling the kitchen with sparkling laughter ;-)

 and from a mom as she overheard her little ones discussing the do's and don'ts before they arrived 'because we're going to Janet's house and Janet has rules!!!'

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