Saturday, January 6, 2018

Take Courage...

It's so easy to forget, when our own lives are full,
but let's remember to keep praying for Wayne and Doreen,
and their boys,(Darcy's brothers)
as they go on with a gaping emptiness in their home and hearts!

Take courage friend, though future as it flows through Now to Then
Is not what we envisioned, and swifter than we supposed
As Past’s eternal cast expands it tunes our acumen
To living’s wake of learning and horizons undisclosed

What once we thought we knew startles ho-ho with meek ‘aha’
Truth does not change its view,, we find, as raven locks turn gray
The aftermath of say-and-do fulfills its stubborn law
Of ‘reaping what we sow’; still, by God’s grace we face each day

Do not despair, my friend, the tender care that keeps the bird
Is faithful to the end though oft we kick it in the shins
With unwavering kindness He pursues us, undeterred
His gift to everyone who asks; the forgiveness of sins

Hello-farewell; heaven and hell-glimpses stun come-and-go
It rips our ragged breath from bodies bent on want and need
And teaches us the happiness of stepping soft and slow
Across Good morning’s welcome-mat that once we paid no heed

Take courage, friend, for God saw fit to lend another day
Its tray drips with appointments that we cannot fully see
But if we trust the Hand of He who grants, to show the way
Then we will have the courage to endure what waits to be

© Janet Martin

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