Friday, January 12, 2018


 God sends enough yeses to defend guesses 
and enough no's to keep us on our toes/knees

How Eve-like we are; desiring to be as wise as God
How Adam-like we are; enticed by the lust of our eyes 

Sometimes we can't remember how we got through 'it' but God does

God tickles our scope of vision with glimpses of Him
All those 'important' things we think we will ask someday
 will be answered with one face-to-face look at His scars and His glory

The older we get the more learn 
about what we thought we knew
Easy to say 'surrender'
But far, far harder to do

 Trust in the Lord with all your heart
And lean not on your own understanding.

What kind of winter is this?! said a little girl,
vexed at the disappearing snow...

What kind of 'winter' is this?! we say sometimes,
vexed at our disappearing comfort-zones...

Sometimes our hearts and hands are wrung and wrung with constant care
And prayers and pleas of seed-sized faith are flung to the blue air
The groundwork for grand miracles often evades our eyes
As God works in mysterious ways we do not recognize

He gathers up our trembling cries and cups us in His Hands
Goodness and mercy’s shape and size man oft misunderstands
For God knows how the heart is prone to worship wood-stone fluff
And confidence man puts in man is simply not enough

His ways of drawing strays to Him sometimes seems harsh and hard
But He, so wise, faithful and kind is always on our guard
And like a tender Shepherd He searches through dark and cold
To find the sheep that wandered from the safety of the fold

Earth’s common paradises offer a most fragile peace
Where everything we hold is everything we must release
Foolish to fix our faith on foundations that melt like snow
Better to trust the Hand that never, ever lets us go

© Janet Martin


  1. Thai is one of my favourites! I love reading how you process things.

    1. thank-you Rose, for your kind words. right now we have some extras to process because the Dr. found a tumor in hubby's bladder this week. He is booked for surgery 5 weeks from today. Feb. 16. Prayers are deeply appreciated for trust in whatever God wills.


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