Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wisteria, Blue Moons and other Loves

September's Song...Mantovani

It is not my intent
To shut you out
Blue moon of half-grin
As you drift to the south
Above silver bracken
And the rushing of time
Teasing the tendrils
Of wisteria vine

I would rather fling wide
The pane I shut tight
For the cricket choir
Is in top form tonight
Where the chill air keens
The lust in its swell
As I sense the presage
Of a season’s farewell

I long to draw you
Through this shield of glass
To keep you warm
As the fleet moments pass
But you must submit
To nature’s stringent pull
The hour will not quit
When its portion is full

…and I must surrender
To resist is vain
As I tug on the window
To keep out the pain
Of the cool night sweeping
Over time-swept plateau
And the throb of its weeping
In gossamer flow

© Janet Martin

Last night I felt like I should apologize as I was forced to close the windows to its beautiful CHILL!.

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  1. Yuriy: Hyper animation is what I behold with you : )


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