Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where Are We Now (and what are we doing)?

Where are you in your walk
as evil continues to prove its greed
reminding us over and over
that our greatest need is
and all we can offer each other
of any value at all
in this weeping, hungry dirt-bowl
sister to sister and brother to brother, is
As hatred wields ugliness
nothing can steal from any hands
the power of unfailing goodness
in the beauty of
Evil will not prevail
Someday we will lift our eyes
to behold in unfathomed glory
the proof of what cannot fail  


  ...as we remember may hope be renewed and love be our weapon.  

Jesus, All for Jesus  Robin Mark


  1. Thanks sis, so true. What ARE we doing NOW? This year it has really "hit me" again and I wanted to read something about it,sothanks for sharing xoL~

  2. Thank-you Lucy, I am really thinking about it too! Maybe its because the weather is almost identical to that day and the air and the smells make the memory extremely vivid! Maybe its an ominous premonition with everything going on now as we listen to the news...I needed to remember above all that LOVE NEVER FAILS!

    God bless.


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