Monday, September 17, 2012

September's Song

We choose earth’s humble, finest seat
On golden-dappled lawn
To drink the muted melody
Of sweet September’s song
Where brawny breezes murmur
In crimson-tinted tress
As faded fronds of summer slip
Beneath its smooth caress

Oh, strike the tasseled timbrel
The brass of frost-kissed corn
Oh, dance upon the silver swell
Of diamond-dazzled morn
Profusion of a season’s worth
Of hours deck the soil
Percussion from the burnished earth
Blends beauty with our spoil

Oh, join this crooning choir
This overture of gold
In every leaf God’s power
And glory is extolled
A montage of mulled moments
Euphonic miracle
A canorous crescendo
To autumn’s pinnacle

© Janet Martin

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