Monday, September 17, 2012

Fruit of the Loom

A flicker, a twinkle
A sparkle of sun
Thus life’s tapestry
Is subtly spun

Smoothly, the sun
Glides across the sky
Weaving from moments
Love’s hello and good-by

Shimmers of laughter
Of longing and loss
Entwine in the pattern
Of life’s intangible cloth

Softly it dangles
This ephemeral thread
Twixt memories woven
And what lies ahead

The Fingers it slips through
From Love’s endless skein
Untwists our tangles
And hands us more string

© Janet Martin


  1. hands us more string

    Aha poem !!!

    life’s intangible cloth

    I have a feeling someday your poems will be read widely

  2. Grace, each and every comment you have left moves and touches me so much! Thank-you for reading and for your thoughts. As always, I try to write to the best of what He has given at the moment and trust Him for the increase.

    God bless,


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