Friday, September 21, 2012

Summer's Requiem

The acoustics are muted; tinged with musk
Arabesque canticle filling the dusk
Mournful madrigal; a hallowed hymn
This is the hour of summer’s requiem

Soundless, it drips from the edge of the earth
Slipping to vaults of intangible girth
Deeper and deeper its purple-blue shroud
Merges with mantle of midnight’s first cloud

No sheet music forms summer’s drifting dirge
As passionate parting and sorrow converge
Over the meadow and frost-stricken swell
Murmurs a monody; Tender Farewell

Quivering quiet; its swan-song is still
Darkness descends over hollow and hill
Echoes of laughter cajole the dark limb
Tuning the ‘after’ of summer’s requiem  

© Janet Martin

She slipped away a gown befitting the occasion; blue, very deep blue.


  1. Janet- Your photo of twilight is magnificent. How perfectly it blends into my thoughts. How perfectly yet again, your words. They speak of the transition..."Merges with mantle of midnight’s first cloud"..."As passionate parting and sorrow converge."

    Stunning to the last. He holds our hearts and hands through it all. Blessings to you.


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