Thursday, September 6, 2012

Once More the Daylight Fades Away...

Once more the daylight fades away
With darkness overtaken
The canvas where we gently lay
Our dreams until we waken
The hidden hope of things to come
Must bide until tomorrow
As night becomes the stepping-stone
To gladness or to sorrow

This day has ceased; its cloak forlorn
Is claimed by subtle fingers
They hover now to wake the morn
Where deepened onyx lingers
The highs and lows, the smiles and woes
Of trial and error tumbles
Go now where every hour goes
In slipping swirls and stumbles

The solace of night’s tranquil grace
The aura of surrender
Enfolds us in a calm embrace
And whispers soft and tender
Once more the daylight fades away
Beneath the raven tresses
On the horizon waits the day
Which now the night caresses

© Janet Martin


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