Sunday, September 30, 2012


The weight of life’s care would over-power; cripple
Demonic despair would devour our breath
Worry and wondering would banish the sparkle
Of laughter from summer; and light from the earth
But we will conquer, our will undeterred
For we do not place our hope in the temporal
Our hope is in Jesus Christ the Lord

His goodness and mercy are not circumstantial
We cannot earn His forgiveness and grace
As He humbled Himself and died in our place
Love lays the idol of self on the altar
Not for applause or for man’s vain reward
But through love’s sacrifice vile demons falter
If our hope is in Jesus Christ the Lord

Life is not merely a foot-shuffling motion
Of toiling and triumph, of gain or of loss
It is a moment by moment devotion
Poured in rejoicing at the foot of the cross
It does not vanquish one jot of His word
We hope, with promise and expectation
For our hope is in Jesus Christ the Lord

Though evil may persecute, ravage and slaughter
It cannot comprehend the might
Or the hope which carries His sons and daughters
Into His marvelous kingdom of Light
To live is Christ, but to die is heaven
Where faith becomes sight and sight, hope’s reward
The weight of life’s care is but for a season
As our hope remains in Jesus Christ the Lord

© Janet Martin

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