Saturday, September 15, 2012

Of Warriors and Whispers

When we wield this weapon we should seal in our mind
The scope and the length of its blade
The tip of this sword rends far deeper than skin
It shapes legacies being made

It draws, it repels, the keen flash of this blade
Sutures the wounds of a heart
Yet pierces through flesh and blood mien to create
Mind-numbing frameworks of art

The warrior that bears the might of this sword
Will report to Commander-in-chief
Of heaven and earth; the Master and Lord
Over Orion’s unfathomable sheaf

When we wield this weapon in combat or truce
To touch to the quick of man’s senses
We should be armed with Courage and Truth
And Awareness of its recompenses

Oh, powerful might of the common pen
A saber from which ink-drops spill
Man dies, but duration of thought will remain
In whispers that fall from his quill

© Janet Martin

I read an article this morning on the longevity of written word...
Something to think about.


  1. Yuriy: Janet, this piece pierced into my mind immediately. Really powerful poetry! (seriously)

  2. I wish my writing were so romantic.


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