Tuesday, September 11, 2012

As Autumn Strikes Her Match...

September broods above the woods
In musky-mist refrain
The orchard weighted with the fruit
Of summer sun and rain
Beneath the hues of dusty blues
And muted umber-flow
We watch as autumn strikes her match
And sets the earth aglow

September’s bloom in gaudy plume
Ignores her matted gown
Splashing bright-bold, with red and gold
Earth’s tattered garbs of brown
As zephyrs taunt the leafy haunt
In sassy-sweet caress
We watch as autumn strikes her match
And lights the verdant tress

The murmur of warm summer-love
Mellows her sanguine mirth
The gardener drops his work-worn glove
To stroll its trampled girth
September sighs, her moody eyes
Betrays her lithesome guile
We watch; autumn has lit her match
And old man winter’s smile

© Janet Martin
 I was working outside today, the air sultry-sweet with summer's farewell...

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