Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pennsylvania-Dutch Love Poem

Vos is des ding as mich so fershtroyed
Uns macht mich so liecht-kebich
My gedanka sin fatsuttled; net oof dei orbiet
Un auft bin ich dobich un lobich
Von du neagsht fabigh mich laffsht
Udda von du tighte navich mich schlaffsht
Ich fraug fa nix mehna fuun dich
Yischt es du mich net falausht
Bis de Gott im Himmel ruft
un Err cummt fa dich uttah mich

Gealt kon net kauffa vos liebe em gebbt
Un meah sin net orm binannah
Shtoft is yischt shtoft; es harcht em net aub
Un es glebbet vee so alte kannah
Liebe hault em froh un frei
Gott hault uns naegsht debigh
Meah sin bessah oub vee de reichah
Von meah net fagessah
Fah Gott bedanka
Un anannah yischt immah gliechah

What is this thing that scatters me so
And makes me so light-headed
My thoughts are scrambled; not on my work
And often I am clumsy and crazy
When you closely walk by me
Or sleep tightly beside me
I ask for nothing more from you
Just that you will not leave me
Until God in Heaven calls
And He comes for you or me

Money cannot buy what love gives
And we are not poor together
Stuff is just stuff; it will not listen
And it clatters like old tin cans
Love keeps us glad and free
God keeps us close to Him
We are better off than rich folk
If we do not forget
To give God thanks
And always just love each other

© Janet Martin


  1. Lucy,
    Last night when I called Jim and he wondered what I had been doing I told him I finally wrote The Poem for him:)) He said this confirms it...I am officially NUTS!!!

    I was inspired as I found myself humming one of John Schmidt's songs.


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