Monday, September 24, 2012

Marriage: It Doesn't Just Happen

To all us married folk I say 'cheers,
May love be so blissfully happy
we forget to count the years'

Does this cute cartoon not say it all? on a more serious note:

It doesn’t just happen
Love’s bearing; its bending
Is an earnest diligence
Of careful tending

It doesn’t just happen
Love’s time-tender glow
Is not something earned lightly
In life’s ebb and flow

It doesn’t just happen
Love’s sure testament
Is a shining example
Of commitment

It doesn’t just happen
By negligent living
Love is an action
Of giving, forgiving

It doesn’t just happen
Love’s tried and true grace
Is a gentle reflection
Of God’s face

It doesn’t just happen
But oh, its sweet worth
Is surely the most priceless
Beauty on earth

© Janet Martin

From my threshold of middle-age marriage I have a sudden fresher and deeper appreciation for these words;

Happy 49th Anniversary, Mom and Dad

Tomorrow is Mom and Dad’s 49th Wedding Anniversary. I am so thankful for their shining example of faithfulness.

May God richly bless you with many more.


  1. Janet, I had not been on my blog for a while, but I am glad I checked in today and found your poem! It is absolutely amazing how love is...

    " It doesn’t just happen
    Love’s tried and true grace
    Is a gentle reflection
    Of God’s face "

    to say I only like this part is unfair, but surely this part reaches deeper. Thank you for sharing this poem and I am glad for the inspiration you got through the wonderful love your parents share may it be for many, many more years.

    Blessings always,


  2. Milena, thank-you so much for your visit and wishes! Yes, I have been blessed to have an example of faithfulness to follow! Something I cannot view lightly.


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