Thursday, September 6, 2012

Of Hidden Seas...

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Oh, world of words that tumble
Where only thought can see
You rise and fall, you ebb and flow
In passions wild and free

You crash against the boulders
Or melt upon a shore
In master-piece arrangements
You beg, plead and implore

You tease the purple quiet
You please, torment, revere
And whisper loud the heart’s full schemes
Where only thought can hear

Oh world of words, an ocean
Without shadow, essence, form
Brewing, insipid, lusterless   
An unrequited storm

But oh, unfathomed reaches
As you shatter thought’s traverse
Spilling your tenure to the air
In blessing…or in curse

© Janet Martin


  1. We can't appreciate even as fast as you go!

    Bang ! bang! wham!!

    Always what thoughts! And this more time what rhyme and meter!!

  2. Oh thank-you! Grace, I write because I must, (in a good way:) but, you read because you want to and there is a BIG difference. I appreciate your thoughts~


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