Tuesday, September 18, 2012


That’s how it is; all-consuming
And all fulfilling in the self-same breath
Love is never
It’s an all or nothing life or death

Can only half a flower bloom?
Has half-a-sun ever risen?
I cannot love
Only half of you
It’s just that way
My darling

Love is not a thing we hold then discard
In search of something better or new
Love simply ‘is’
For better and worse
Not something
We own or ‘do’

And should you ever have cause to wonder
When minor loves demand my care
I beg of you
To remember
My love for you
Is always there

To love you only half-the way
Is to settle for halves
In every day
I could never settle for
Half a kiss
Darling, that’s just the way love is

© Janet Martin

It's Just That Way...Alan Jackson

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