Monday, September 24, 2012

The Knowns in our Unknowns

Upon what was or lies ahead
The hours between; life’s stepping-stones
In our journey of unknowns

With gasps of faith and hope we strain
In our journey of unknowns

In our journey of unknowns

The path of hope is narrow, straight
His arms of mercy, bastions; strong
In our journey of unknowns

In our journey to His Known

© Janet Martin

Glynis, love, hugs and prayers.


  1. I am feeling very full right now, Janet. Full of gratitude to you. Thank you so much for these beautiful Scripture-led words. Your gift to me this morning soothes me like balm for my soul. Bless you for being so full of compassion and allowing it to burst forth on the page.

  2. Your Welcome:)I wanted to say I would love to do more but that would be to say there is something greater than prayer to He who holds it in His I continue to pray.



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