Friday, September 14, 2012

Wandering Among Words

I’ve been there
Those moments where
I just don’t quite belong
In the clatter and the chatter
Of the blithe and carefree throng

I’ve been where
Faces long and grim
Demand a somber glance
When all I really long to do
Is cheer and sing and dance

Words are not
They neither pick nor choose
But meld into our pondering
In a thousand nameless hues

I like it here
The atmosphere
Is charged with nothing more
Than perfect possibility
Of what a-waits in store

© Janet Martin


  1. I find myself returning to this one :)

  2. Grace, your comments bring tears to my eyes and will to my quill. thank-you so much!
    I am touched that you are reading poems from the archives and that you are blessed by them! Thank YOU for blessing me today!


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