Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Suddenly We Remember...

It’s easy to forget
When the afternoon is a golden pool
Of moments unraveling from an azure spool
Into an hour of warm summer-love
As from the pine-spire the woo of a dove
Rides on the argent breeze
And moments become memories
Without a second glance
Because it’s so easy to forget
In the spicy-sweet trance
Of bronze-burnished bloom
How heaven’s lambent broom
Can sweep away
The remnants of a summer day
Without the slightest regard
For the echo of bare feet
Thrumming across the yard
Or the maple tree, weeping scarlet-red tears
Into the portent of silver-crowned years
Then, suddenly we remember
And we feel old
Even before life’s bittersweet

© Janet Martin

It only dawned on me today that we are three days away from 'officially-fall'! It's so easy to forget when
the afternoon is a golden pool...I'm going back out there.

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