Friday, September 7, 2012

A Daybreak Hymn of Hope...Sonnet of Fair Morning

Oh, praise the sacred Hand that rends the veil
And does not leave us pining in the dark
But pours His lavish grace from mercy’s Grail
To pierce the night with Hope’s expanding spark
Lest stones cry out to sing His ardent praise
Oh feel the pulse of midnight growing dim
The thickened gloom dissolves beneath His gaze
The Oracle of Deity imparts
His wonderment of Light to fainting hearts

Lift up the feeble measure of your faith
As yesterday, a whilom, lifeless wraith
Can never force its fear upon the hour
But virgin Hope expels the dismal deep
In canvases of morning, pure, unmarred
Oh, hear the tender Shepherd call His sheep
And if we listen we can hear His voice
Above the ceaseless clamoring of choice  

This thorn and thistle, toil and trial span
Is but a zephyr-gasp upon earth’s plain
No test is borne uncommon unto man
Yet Hope prevails in spite of grief and pain
A new Dawn waits; its glory is the Son
Earth’s daybreak but a whisper of His might
Soon our little sojourn here is done
We point our faces to a better home
As Heaven breathes to earth ‘Shalom, Shalom’

© Janet Martin


  1. Janet you have a tremendous talent....truly a gift from God to share His light and glory in poem!
    Love this! :-)

  2. Carrie, thank-you so much.

    This morning I was out with my son while the sun rose...and suddenly all this crazy, beautiful wonder over-whelmed me!

  3. i travelled with the links...
    cheers to your talents!!

  4. Thank-you Grace,
    This poem literally poured from my think that He who does such grand wonders still hears and WANTS our praise. Oh, it is more than I can grasp:)!


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