Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Father of Compassion

Sometimes we think we cannot bear
The sorrows of this life
But oh my Jesus, You are there
Through all its tears and strife
Since Eden’s grief and Adam’s woe
We bear life’s cursed travail
But oh my Jesus, this we know
Your mercy will not fail

Father of comfort, hear our plea
For we are weak and poor
Though howling fiends of misery
Ravage earth’s stricken shore
You are greater; demons tremble
At the thought of You
And, though we falter, Lord or stumble
You will help us through

We suffer, but with Sympathy
For no grief have we borne
Beyond the groans of Calvary 
Where You endured our scorn
Thus, when life’s sorrow fills our cup
And anguish sears the land
You plead with us to come; look up
And hold Your nail-scarred Hand

© Janet Martin

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