Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Immaculate Embellishments

 When my son heard me hit the snooze button this morning he came into my room and said, 'Mom, you might not want to do that or you'll miss an amazing sun-rise'. I was in the yard  in 30 seconds flat!...this is a pale reprint of the 'real deal'. My cheapy-camera cannot pick up the deep reds of sunrises or sunsets. Yes, the sun-rise was AWESOME!...thank-you, Matthew:)

The colors of His brush
Ten-thousand shades imbue
As waking pastures blush
With heaven-tinted dew
The mien of earthly boast
Falls dumbly on the hour
As whispers of His uttermost
Rends midnight’s muted bower

‘Neath mercy’s vaulted flame
Another day of grace
Forgives our sordid shame
And spills from His embrace
He stirs within our hearts
The zeal to carry on
As His consummate art
Embellishes the dawn

We lift our calloused gaze
Soundless, His paintbrush moves
As His immaculate blaze
Our vain ineptness proves
The rush of heaven-seas
Astounds earth's hill and rill
The grace of centuries
Compels us to be still

© Janet Martin

He could simply probe the day into being without wondrous measure
but He spills His glory for mankind's humble pleasure...
and as reminders that this is not an isolated globe
We reach with thankfulness to touch His robe.


  1. I saw a tiny bit around the trees but knew it was special, and I thought of you:)

  2. Yes it was, and I often think of you in the evening with your grand west view!:)


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