Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Perspective Through the Eyes of Love

Because I Love You   Yiruma

Because I love you
The rains laugh
Touching me softly
With the beauty of belonging

Because I love you
Duty is not mundane
And moments are miracles
Leading to you

Because I love you
Every day is a fresh
And tender tribute
Of  wonder

Because I love you
I can bear
Life's relinquishment
And its rendering

Because I love you
My heart will never be empty
And my joy will ever
Be full

Because I love you



  1. SO beautiful!
    I love how you shared nature and then offered us your view~
    Love pools, refreshes and offers other insights!

    Wonderful Janet!!!

  2. This is absolutely beautiful - life transformed through the radiance of love.

  3. Thank-you Ella and Sherry, As I looked at the same old sink with the same old dirty dishes I realized it is LOVE that puts an extra in front of our ordinaries and transforms everything from dull to dashing, yes, even dirty dishes, if I remember who made them and who I am washing them for:)


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