Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Want You

…like a baby nuzzling to its mother
And it is enough
Come to me now
Oh, my love
Do not fade away
Into the silver-gray dusk
For I need you
There is no other
That can warm me
Quite like you
But your waning gaze
Rouses concerns
You are growing distant
Even in your half-grin returns
I sense you
Pulling away
And all I can do is beg you to stay
To lay your head on my shoulder
Just one more hour
When I am older
I will have the will-power to
Let you go
Already I know
 I will miss you so
I will not ask for much
But oh please,
That I may languish ‘neath your touch
A little longer
Only until I am stronger
For I am so much colder
Without your kiss
Upon my shoulder

© Janet Martin

Yes, the sun is
waning a bit…


  1. This is so wonderful, Janet.
    And I feel every word of it.
    If I were the Sun I wouldn't be able to resist your plea :-)

  2. ;0 Here's to hoping it works! I'm just waiting for the kettle to boil for tea-time in the sun:)...with a book; and a pen, just in case;))

  3. Yuriy: A touching touch was that tender kiss upon the shoulder.

  4. It''s cold and rainy today...I miss it:)


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