Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In Spite of It All...I Love You

When the shortcomings of Reality
Steal my breath
And foolish fantasy
Is not enough
To make up the difference
…I love you

When the curves of your wanderlust
Do not align
In any shape or form
With mine
And I am baffled by its design
…I love you

When the matters of Fact
Will not be swayed
As they scramble awry
My plans well-laid
Because life’s just that way
...I love you

When every thing we could be
Is nothing more
Than everything we should be
In life’s crazy war
Of misconception and muse
…I love you

…because I refuse to stop
Dancing, reaching, yearning
In this flight of
No returning from
Whence we’ve come
And because it is not good
To go where we are going

…I love you

© Janet Martin


  1. This really speaks to me today, thank you.
    I refuse, too :-) (some days it's a hard thing to do, but better days always follow...the sooner the better!)

  2. Sasha,
    You SO understand! Thank-you:)

  3. Yuriy: Crazy and daisy patterns of the accomplished art and act of Love.

  4. ...and then the pinnacle; Love never fails:)


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