Saturday, September 29, 2012

Look What I Did! (memoir prompt #2)

‘Better to be silent than appear proud
and speak of accomplishments out loud’

How old are we when self-consciousness zips
joyous celebration behind our lips?

…and now at forty-six I must share, and tell
of something that I think I have done quite well

Old habits die hard; I’ve acquired a demeanor
that readily demotes my best attempts as mediocre

Long ago my mother taught me each small deed done well
builds a firm foundation on which we can excel…

so this is my humble and daily quest;
to embrace every moment and give it my best

Through this endeavor there are a few things I’ve done
that are entirely out of my comfort zone

Girded by encouragement, and kind assistance too
I started a blog, and thus I met you

So if there is one thing I am ‘proud’ of today
It’s you; the wonderful friends on blog high-way

© Janet Martin

Okay, I'm going to attempt to return to the prompts which began a few months ago at Poetic Bloomings. # 2 prompt Look What I Did!

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