Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Today I Just Want to Love You #2

Today I just want to love you
To concentrate on the color gray-blue
Sparkling with gold flecks; your eyes
Crinkling and twinkling with humor, sweet child
I just want to drown in the music of your laughter
Trickling and lilting up to heaven’s rafter

Today I just want to love you, that’s all
Without duty’s persistent bugle call
Or the pathetic, perpetual distraction
Of self-focused desire and ambition
I just want to listen and really hear
What you are saying and why, my dear

Today’s priority might be to pause and stare
As the wind teases and tousles your hair
Or thrill to the childish curve of your lip
As you chatter; and what of those moments that slip
From the face of the clock? They are surely the heart-beat
Of living and gathering love’s bittersweet

Today I just want to love you the best I can
Tomorrow, if God will’s a boy becomes a man
And the quiet will echo of moments and hours
In childhood’s wink; go now, smell the flowers
Touch, taste, cherish; soon a lifetime is through
Oh sweet child, today I just want to love you

© Janet Martin; aka mom

Regardless of my fanciful wishes, all the love in the world doesn’t fill hungry tummies, so I better skedaddle before the school-bus comes!

I found this page below, in a book I was reading yesterday so I placed it in a holder on my kitchen-counter because life has a way of...distracting.

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  1. Beautiful post,and great list.
    Oh, I want summer back so badly when I see that photo!!!


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